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Breast Enhancement

The Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement enables you to accentuate and lift your breasts without putting your body in danger. At Harley Ultrasound, we understand that many women feel uncomfortable with the size and shape of their breasts. We offer the Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement to restore your confidence and to help you feel proud of your body.

At Harley Ultrasound, we are proud of this treatment because its combination of modern technologies means our clients can get the results they want without surgery. Furthermore, unlike surgical procedures, this treatment is reversible.

Breast Enhancement
How does it work?

Our Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement is based on a Chinese technique called ‘cupping.’ At Harley Ultrasound, we combine cupping with vacuum suction to increase the efficiency of the procedure. When the breast is pulled up by vacuum suction, this forces the muscles within the breast to contract and strengthen. As a result of this, the breasts appear lifted.

Following this, we use radio frequency and intense pulsed light on the breasts. These technologies give collagen fibres the energy to strengthen and repair. As a result of this, the treatment tightens the outer layers of the skin, reducing signs of saggy skin.

Results and Aftercare

Many of our clients notice results soon after the procedure, which continue to develop in the following weeks. As our Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement is a non-invasive treatment, you will not need any recovery time, or have to follow complicated aftercare instructions. You may choose to apply our C-TOX Serum to the area to encourage further tightening, but this is up to you. The area may be sensitive for a couple of days after the treatment,

Results of the Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement are potentially long-lasting. If you are interested in how this treatment can help you to achieve your desired appearance, we invite you to come in for a consultation at our Harley Ultrasound clinic. Our therapists will discuss your goals and what realistic results you can expect from the treatment.

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