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ScienceStretch Mark Reduction Science - Harley Ultrasound

February 8, 2019by holly

Stretch marks are a common occurrence for the majority of people. However, some people feel that the appearance of stretch marks are undesirable, especially when they are located in places such as the arms and stomach. Fortunately, at Harley Ultrasound, we have a solution to this, giving you the confidence to show off your body. In this article, we discuss Stretch Mark Reduction Science, explaining how you can reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

The Science of Stretch Mark Reduction Explained:

Some people tend to believe that stretch marks only apply to people who have put on excessive weight and muscle or those who have given birth. This is not the case at all. Stretch marks are a natural side effect of growing and are frequently formed during puberty. The science behind stretch marks is that the skin stretches faster than collagen can be produced. One of the skin’s natural properties is elasticity, especially when we’re young. Generally, as we grow, the skin stretches and recovers, as the production of the protein collagen ensures that the skin retains its elasticity. Growth spurts, pregnancy, and weight or muscle gain can cause the skin to overstretch, not giving it time to recover. As a result of this, collagen production is interrupted, and stretch marks are formed. In addition to this, collagen production tends to slow down when we get older, meaning stretch marks are harder to avoid.

Our Stretch Mark Reduction treatment helps to encourage the production of collagen to allow the skin to recover. During the Stretch Mark Reduction treatment at Harley Ultrasound, our therapists emit radio frequency waves into the skin in the target area. The radio waves create thermal energy of around 40 to 45 degrees Celsius. This heat increases the growth and repair of collagen, thus reducing the visible appearance of stretch marks. At Harley Ultrasound, we use radio frequency technology for this treatment because it penetrates into deeper layers of the skin. This produces more effective results.

Stretch Mark Reduction Science is very basic, but it is this simplicity that makes it a safe and beneficial treatment. If you are self-conscious about your stretch marks, get in touch with us at Harley Ultrasound, and we will help you to love your body.