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PCR Testing

At our Harley Ultrasound Clinic, we are now offering in-clinic PCR testing for COVID-19. PCR Testing produces accurate results and can detect the early stages of infection before you show signs of symptoms.

What is PCR Testing?

PCR Testing focuses on identifying DNA that is specific to an illness or disease. PCR stands for ‘polymerase chain reaction’, and the process involves replicating DNA that is specific to an illness or disease to enable the sample to be examined by medical professionals.

PCR Testing can determine if a person is currently suffering from an illness, even if they are not showing symptoms. By detecting the early stages of diseases, PCR Testing is an invaluable tool for protecting the health of the general public.

Where is it available?

PCR travel tests are available in London and 20 other locations in the UK.

How does PCR Testing work?

When you come to our Harley Ultrasound Clinic for your appointment, a small sample will be taken from your nasal cavity. The sample is then placed into a plastic tube that contains a liquid which is designed to preserve the sample for immediate testing once it is received by the laboratory.

Following this, medical professionals will examine the sample and replicate the DNA to determine if the genetic material is specific to a certain disease or illness.

What can PCR Testing be used for?

Currently, PCR Testing is being used by the government to test for COVID-19. At Harley Ultrasound, we are offering in-clinic PCR Testing for COVID-19.

PCR Testing can also be used to test for other respiratory diseases, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases.