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February 7, 2019by holly

At Harley Ultrasound, we have found that a lot of our clients feel embarrassed about the chin area. Many of us find that we have excess fat just below the chin, which leads to a ‘double chin’ that the majority of people see as undesirable. It can sometimes feel as if this cannot be changed because it is nearly impossible to target this area by altering your diet or doing more exercise. This leaves people feeling down and viewing their bodies negatively. Fortunately, our team at Harley Ultrasound can change this. We offer a Chin Reduction treatment that uses temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius to destroy fat cells. Read below for information on Chin Reduction Science to determine if this is the right treatment for you.

Chin Reduction Science

The Science of Chin Reduction Explained:

Chin Reduction Science follows the same principle as Cryolipolysis or Fat Freezing. It is the same procedure but tailored to the chin area. Vacuum suction pulls the fat from the target area into an applicator, which then freezes the fat to temperatures of roughly -7 degrees Celsius. This temperature is controlled using advanced technology, both for your comfort and the efficiency of the treatment. The reason for this is that the cold temperatures disrupt the weak structure of fat cells and destroy them. The body gets rid of the broken down fat cells through the lymphatic system, a process that occurs gradually after the procedure.

However, Chin Reduction Science is slightly different from Cryolipolysis Science. For our Chin Reduction treatment, we use a special dome-shaped applicator, rather than a rectangular one. With a standard rectangular applicator, two surfaces of the target area are frozen. In contrast to this, the dome-shaped applicator freezes fat from all angles. It covers a larger surface area, which then makes the procedure far more effective. Furthermore, the dome-shaped applicator increases the comfort of the procedure, as it fits the contours of the face.

Our Chin Reduction treatment allows us to target the chin area, and encourage fat loss naturally. The chin is difficult to target through diet and exercise, and surgical procedures in this area may be very painful and have dangerous consequences. Chin Reduction Science enables our therapists at Harley Ultrasound to safely and comfortably induce fat loss, giving our clients successful results with no recovery time.

RF Chin Reduction Science

Our RF Chin Reduction treatment enables our clients to finally get rid of undesirable fat in the chin area. At Harley Ultrasound, we acknowledge that fat can accumulate under the chin, and in many cases, you cannot reduce the fat in a safe and healthy manner. Due to this, we offer the RF Chin Reduction. This treatment utilises radio frequency technology to improve the appearance of the chin area. Read below for more information about RF Chin Reduction.

The Science of RF Chin Reduction Explained:

When we age, collagen that is responsible for our skin’s tight and firm appearance becomes weaker. We can visibly see this when our skin develops wrinkles and begins to droop, particularly on the face and neck. Sagging skin on the neck can be undesirable, and many people tend to feel self-conscious about it.

During the RF Chin Reduction, an applicator emits radio waves into the skin of the chin area. The radio waves produce thermal energy of around 40 degrees Celsius. As a result of this, the skin in the chin area reacts to the heat. Collagen fibres reactivate and reproduce, and as they thicken, the skin in the area becomes tighter and firmer, combating signs of ageing.

The benefits of this treatment do not stop here. The heat formed by the radio waves directly impact fat cells in the target area. Their fragile structure is disturbed, turning the fat cells into liquid form. The liquid fat cells are removed from the body through the lymphatic system following the treatment.

RF Chin Reduction Science shows that this treatment has double the benefits of similar procedures offered by different clinics. This treatment combats visible signs of ageing while simultaneously reducing fat cells. As a result of this, RF Chin Reduction is perfect for slimming and sculpting the chin. Most importantly, our clients can achieve their desired look from a safe and natural procedure, that makes them learn to love their bodies again.



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